Yaesu Tranciever CAT Interface products and fall into the following categories:

  • Yaesu CAT interfaces to allow remote control of your transceiver via your PC.
  • Cables are Yaesu CT-62 and FIF-232 equivalent.
  • Yaesu CAT and audio interfaces giving full access to modes such as PSK31

The CAT cables are compatible with a huge range of Yaesu Equipment. See the individual product descriptions to check which interface is right for your transceiver.

You will need
suitable software such as Ham Radio Deluxe, MixW, N1MM and many more that allow the interface to be powered via you PC's RS232 port. If you are uncertain as to software compatibility, use the Contact Us page and we will be more than happy to advise.

Your chosen software will need to be able to set the RS232 port DTR line high 100% of the time to provide the interface with power and toggle the RTS line to actuate the transceiver PTT.

The USB versions of the interfaces are powered from the the USB bus and will be compatible so long as your software supports the transceiver.

If your PC does not have an RS232 port, the interfaces are fully compatible with USB to RS232 adapters. XGGCOMMS recommends using adapters with the FTDI chipset for best reliability.

The interfaces offer high noise immunity, excellent data integrity and can operate up to the maximum CAT baud rates the transceivers support. See the "
CI-V and CAT Performance Data" page for more information.

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FT-1000 and FT-1000D Rom 6.0 Upgrade

FT-1000 and FT-1000D ROM6.0 Firmware Upgrade*
*Not suitable for FT-1000MP or FT-1000 Mk 5 versions

What do I get?

The supply of one programmed Eprom with Yaesu Version 6.0 firmware for the FT-1000 and FT-1000D. Full installation instructions will be provided. All you needare a few basic tools and the confidence to carry out this simple installation on the FT-1000 or FT-1000D. You will need remove the original Rom from it's socket on the the control unit and replace it with the supplied Eprom. The installation can easily be carried out in less than half an hour.

Why do I need to upgrade the firmware?

If you intend to control your FT-1000 or FT-1000D from your PC via the CAT (Computer Aided Transceiver) interface, you are advised to have Firmware 6.0 installed. Although earlier versions of the firmware claimed to be CAT compliant with details published in the transceiver user manual, the data format was found to give problems with many CAT control applications. The problems presented themselves as slow control between the radio and PC or no connection at all. The issue seems to be related to the size of the data block returned by the radio being too long causing the CAT control applications to "time out" or lose synchronisation with the transceiver.

Yaesu recognised this issue and released firmware 6.0 to fix the problem. While the FT-1000 and FT-1000D transceivers were supported by Yaesu, a firmware update programme was made available via Yeasu Dealers. This involved returning the transceiver for installation of the new Rom. However, since the Yaesu support for the transceivers has long been discontinued, the Dealer firmware update option was withdrawn.

This "after-market" firmware update will allow you to bring your FT-1000D up to v6.0 which is the very latest Rom version making the transceiver fully CAT compliant with the many CAT control applications available.

How do I know which firmware is currently installed on my FT-1000D?
This is known as the Las Vegas test. Turn off the transceiver and whilst holding the 1+3 keypad buttons, turn the radio back on. The display will reveal the firmware revision. If your FT-1000 returns "Yaesu 6.00" in the display, you already have the latest firmware version and you do not need to buy this Eprom. Transceivers with firmware revisions lower than 6.00 will benefit from the upgrade if you want to make use of the CAT functionality.

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