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Are you looking to get active on FT8, PSK, WSPR, Echolink and many other of the popular Ham Radio Digital modes or have an interface to remotely control the frequency and mode of your transceiver?

We manufacture and sell great value, high quality Digital Mode and CAT Control interfaces for
Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood and Xiegu Ham Radio Equipment.

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Our latest interface comes with built-in USB Audio and full CAT control. It is perfect with software such as WSJT-X, Ham Radio Deluxe, FLDigi and many more. 
It is plug-and-play and wired ready to go with your radio. Just choose your brand and model from the shopping page menus.

Full CAT Control of Frequency and Mode of the radio

Built-in USB Sound Card with isolated Tx/Rx Audio and PTT


Our interfaces are compatible with all of the main-stream CAT and Digital Mode applications such as WSJT-X, Ham Radio Deluxe, FLDigi, Logger32, MixW, N1MM, Echolink and many more.



XGGCCOMMS.COM product highlights and reviews

Below I have picked some reviews and guide videos for our very popular USB-Digimode-4 Digimode Interface.

The Digimode-4 works with Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood and Xiegu transceivers. Perfect for PSK31, FT8, JT9, JT65, Echolink and any other AFSK modes.

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems, it connects to your PC via USB and has both an external USB Sound Card and CAT interface built-in. Unlike other similarly priced products available, our Digimode-4 has transformer isolated Tx/Rx audio and opto-isolated PTT (so no ground loops!!) and we use the highly reliable FTDI chipset for the CAT.

Check OH8STNs website below for a review of the Xiegu version.
Ultimate Audio and CAT Control Xiegu G90/X5105 – OH8STN Ham Radio

Check out Martin Brossman (KI4CFS) review and set up of Digimode-4-Icom with Richard O Futrell (N4AED)
KI4CFS YouTube review

And the Digital Shack comparison review is here:
G90 - XGGComms Digimode-4 vs Xiegu CE-19 - Digital Shack

If you want to buy a Digimode-4, use the manufacturer shop links on the left.  The cost is $100.